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To know: NeighborING does not hire or employ the college students that NeighborING LLC provides to homeowners & renters [who contact NeighborING for assistance with their chores and to-do lists].
Note: The college students that are connected to the homeowners and renters using the NeighborING platform are not professionals. The work provided by the college students is not professional work, therefore the homeowner or renter should not expect professional work to be done. Homeowners should not have the college student moving anything with high monetary or intrinsic value to the homeowner or renter. If an item is damaged by a college student that has been connected through the Neighboring platform, NeighborING is NOT responsible for the damages done. NeighborING does not hire or employ the college students who are performing the work, therefore NeighborING LLC is not responsible for their work