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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you do same day services?

A: We would love to help! If the chore is scheduled less than 24 hours in advance, there will be a $15 rush fee.

Is there a cancelation fee?

A: Yes there is a cancelation fee, which is only in effect if the cancelation is 5 or less than when the chore is scheduled to start. The cancelation fee is $15 per student scheduled.

When will I be connected with a college student who can help?

A: The NeighborING team will connect you with a background-checked college student 24 hours before your chore is scheduled to be complete.

Who do I pay? & Can I pay with Cash?

A: The College Students will be able to receive all payment with their Square Device. Their device allows them to quickly and efficiently processing payment via debit or credit card. Additionally, we DO NOT accept Cash.

What equipment do the College Students provide?

A: We ask our customers to provide all the necessary supplies for the chores.

Can I ask the College Student to work longer than I planned?

A: Please do! If the college student has more time in their day and is willing to help, then it’s a win-win. Additionally, if the chore duration is 2 hours more than the scheduled amount, an hourly rate of $25/hr per student will be implemented.

What happens if the College Student works less than the full hour?

A: To help our college students, we ask our customers who use the service to pay for the full hour.

Can I request a specific College Student to do a chore?

A: Absolutely! Please request a student by name. Our team will confirm the student’s availability and can plan accordingly